A2M has a full range of freight services to get your cargo from dock to door, wherever it needs to be, whenever it needs to be there. Whether you need Ocean Freight, Consolidation, Warehousing, Custom Brokerage, or all of the above, we’re here to help.

Ocean Freight

  • Full Container Load
  • Break Bulk and Oversized / Heavy machinery cargo
  • Roll-on / Roll-off (RO-RO)
  • Hazardous / Dangerous Goods


  • We work with an extensive transportation network throughout the entire US to move your goods, whether it’s containers, bulk cargo, and/or parcels in general.


  • Export packing and crating
  • Re-palletizing
  • Repacking
  • Storage
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Trans-loading

Custom brokerage

  • Documentation preparation
  • Export / Import customs clearance

Transport type

Cars, SUV’s, personal water crafts, trucks, ATV’s, etc., that meet the container dimensions are strapped, blocked and braced inside the containers to ensure ultimate shipping safety.  We can offer exclusive 20’-container services to meet your needs in the same way.

If you like to ship your own personal effects with your vehicle, we specialize in split loads. We are able to offer the most cost-effective, consolidated container option where your car will be loaded along with your other cargo into a 40’ (HQ) container. Custom build walls, partitions, and decking can be built for any container we ship.

For Grocery product shipments we can offer warehousing and consolidating. Shipments are loaded and secured inside the container to avoid damage by the shifting of the cargo

For larger boats, trucks, bulldozers, caterpillars, mining equipment we can offer RO-RO service. RO-RO is used for shipping wheeled over sized cargo, which is driven on and off the vessel.

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